To build the bridge between theory and practice, students are required to spend minimum nine months on a paid internship project/s at Lexicon MILE, at the commencement of their final year of the PGDM program along with the other subjects and assignments of Trimester IV, V and VI. This experience involves corporate stints with brand companies in different sectors of FMCG, Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing, Consultancy, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Automobile, Telecom, IT etc. and interesting startups wherein students are exposed to the ground realities of a corporate life and put in a series of departments related to the management domains of Marketing, Human Resource and Finance. This model largely supports those students who are freshers while joining a PGDM program and those companies seeking recruitment with work experience candidatures. It helps the students to brush up their management skills and put into practice, those management models and theories, learnt through the first year of their PGDM program. It is the sheer dedication, hard-work and impeccable results delivered by our students during their internships that has resulted in these companies coming on campus and hiring our students over the last few years. This extended period of internships give the students to get a good ROI on the PGDM program, help fresher students gain some work experience and most importantly aid companies to give long term work assignments to students which eventually result in their full time employment with the respective companies. Welcome to learnings with the Corporate Gurus and in the formal workplaces!

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