Select Institutes in the country can boast of the kind of transformational academic leadership that Lexicon Group’s Management Institute for Leadership and Excellence has. Stalwarts from the best of academia and industry as teachers, corporate personas and trainers, researchers, consultants et all form the Academic Council at Lexicon MILE. The body is responsible for the maintenance of standards of education, curriculum design, quality checks with pedagogy, teaching and training, inter departmental co-ordination, research, examinations and tests within the Institute, student code of conduct and disciplinary actions thereon, as deemed fit from time to time.

A team of Intellectuals and Top Management representatives from different companies had the Board of Governors Meeting on 12, 2018. in our Lexicon Boardroom, where our Academic Council members from different parts of India travel to Lexicon MILE Pune to give their invaluable inputs to guide the Lexicon MILE growth chart of future. It was attended by Dr Susen Varghese (Dean) | Mr Charan Nagaraj (APPLE, Bangalore) | Prof. Rajeev Sharma (IIM-A : Mentor & Guide) | Mr Ajit Thatte (IIT-Kharagpur) | Prof. M. S. Pillai (Founder Director, SCMLD – Mentor & Guide) | Dr. Vidya Naik (NMIMS, Mumbai) | Mr. Aditya Rahul ( Allstate, Pune) | Mr. Suraj Narain ( Searchbourne, Pune) | Mr. Kirti Singh (Markets & Markets – Lexicon MILE Alumni) | Mr. Abhyangh Kuvalekar (A K Productions Founder)