Lexicon MILE since its foundation has created a rich heritage and a strong alumni base that adds to its stature. Lexicon MILE alumni have been the Pride of Lexicon MILE all these years. Spread across the globe as successful business professionals, the Lexicon MILE alumni community offers a wealth of knowledge, resources and networking opportunities. At Lexicon MILE, the experience is about more than classes. It’s about joining a diverse, entrepreneurial and committed community at the center of it all; a community to always call your own. Lexicon MILE believes that one’s degree keeps working throughout one’s life and hence the alumni’s continued involvement brings lasting positive impact to not only one’s career but also to the community as a whole. Placed at prominent positions across companies, today the Lexicon MILE alumni partners in Lexicon MILE placements with the gusto any institute can envy about.

The Alumni Committee of Lexicon MILE endeavours to carry this legacy forward by maintaining a unified bond among the esteemed alumni of Lexicon MILE. The Alumni Committee facilitates constant interactions with the alumni and acts as an interface for the alumni to reach out to the institute and contribute in the form of infrastructure development, guest lectures, scholarships, student mentorship, etc.

With a view to foster a fond relationship between the alumni and students, the Alumni Committee organizes the Annual Alumni Meet every year. The support and overwhelming response that we have been receiving from the Lexicon MILE alumni is the driving factor that motivates us to conduct its regular activities and come up with newer initiatives each passing year. We eagerly look forward to continue and consolidate our association with our beloved Lexicon MILE alumni by transcending distances and overcoming all divides to keep the core values of Lexicon MILE ongoing.

Alumni Portal

The steadily growing alumni network of Lexicon Management Institute is young and dynamic and reflects the values Lexicon MILE lives up to and imparts to its students during their studies. Lexicon Alumni Connect allows you to both re-connect with old classmates and utilize the trusted Lexicon MILE environment to expand your professional network. By fully integrating with social networks and cultivating a culture of helping and giving back, you will be amazed how vibrant your Lexicon Management community is.

Alumni Meet

Alumni are the brand ambassadors of any educational Institute. They are the torchbearers to light the future towards carrying forward the culture of the Institute. Lexicon MILE believes ‘Once a Lexiconites, always a Lexiconites. Alumni at Lexicon MILE are well placed in senior positions across the country and abroad in varied sectors. They are strongly associated with the Institute in the form of Mentors, Placements, Guest Lectures, Projects etc. The Alumni Meet, Lexicon MILE-N is an annual event wherein all of them come together to dance and dine and bond over with each other and relive their college days with their alma mater.


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