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Top 10 Advantages of Global MBA degree

Business studies have become a significant aspect for many graduate professionals. If you want to establish yourself in the market and receive up-to-date knowledge about the global market, then a global MBA degree can expose you to various details.
Mar 8, 2021

5 considerable reasons why you should opt for a Global MBA program

In the competitive world, it is a requirement to keep up with the advancements in finance, corporate, and politics. Here, a Global MBA gives you the ability to spot future jeopardies and opportunities while administering autonomous global reporting, analysis, and skillful critique.
Mar 8, 2021

Global MBA abroad: Virtual or Physical?

An MBA student needs to be extremely careful with their choice. The trend of online classes has eased many things, and now, many students are considering whether to choose virtual classes or physical ones. It is necessary to note that you need to be careful whenever…
Mar 8, 2021

Corporate Etiquettes Answered!

Etiquettes are good manners that help an individual leave his mark in society. Every individual is expected to work in a socially acceptable manner and to follow a code of conduct at his/her workplace. There is a difference between college and professional life.
Mar 5, 2021

Importance of Environmental Economics

It is an area that studies the financial impact of environmental policies and proposes solutions to the problems. A sub discipline that applies values and tools of microeconomics and macroeconomics to efficiently allocate environmental resources.
Mar 5, 2021

How Global MBA Program Has Evolved in Last 5 Years!

To trace the evolution of the Global MBA Program, around the world, one needs to clarify the concept of a Global MBA Program and mark its differences from any other common MBA Program. It is primarily a post-graduate degree in global business management.
Mar 4, 2021

Are you positive? – Positivity can change your life

Today as I was walking from home, I saw the old man come from the hospital. Everyone was so kind to him. I saw a couple give away freshly baked bread to the beggar on the side of the road. I saw the happiness in his eyes. I saw a woman give away…
Mar 4, 2021

Career of Indian Learning

Education is the foremost requirement if an individual wants to build up a successful career in any field. It is a very well-known fact that education is not a matter of luxury anymore in-fact it has become a necessity of mankind. Education not only helps in…
Mar 4, 2021

The Skills You Need to Start a Great Business

Entrepreneurship is not a destination; it’s a journey. On this journey, successful entrepreneurs don’t expect “arriving” at some finish line. If you do have that expectation, you won’t continue to push yourself to step outside of your comfort zone and grow.
Mar 4, 2021


In today’s world, the one who makes his own path is the one who leads the world by example. It takes more than courage to carve one’s path and establish an independent business on your own. Entrepreneurs are often handsomely rewarded for their courage…
Mar 4, 2021

Current Affairs

Current Affairs, refer to the political events and problems happening around the world at the present time that are of national and international importance. which are important for competitive exams. Entrepreneurs are usually good at the judgment…
Mar 4, 2021

Top 7 management skills that you need to develop

To reach the top ranks in a company or to start a firm on your own, one would require a set of unique skills. Acquiring and inculcating these skills at a young age will help reach greater heights. Some of the most in-demand skills that anyone requires to…
May 11, 2020

How does PDGM help build the entrepreneur in you

Many students often wonder if doing a PGDM would help them start their own successful venture and while the answer may vary, here is a very awesome list of reasons to explain why a PGDM is a must if you dream of eventually being your own boss…
May 11, 2020

Everything you need to know about PGDM , MBA

For someone who is aspiring to be an entrepreneur or go high up to a management level in a job, a management program like PGDM / MBA can prove to be very helpful…
May 11, 2020

Importance of Internship

The world is changing at a rapid pace. Knowledge though important is not the only factor that helps in career success. To set oneself apart it is vital to gain expertise as well…
May 11, 2020

One in four Indians can take pay cut to travel less for work

As we are aware by an survey of linked in people are saying that to work for Long hours is becoming a major concern for professionals due to high traffic on roads and lack of public transport, a survey has told that we Indians desire a shorter working time, and even many are willing to take a pay cut for this also. This feeling of desiring a shorter commute was the highest in India due to our working culture…
May 11, 2020

Why Millennials are breaking the salary taboo

Millennials are the people who are reaching there adulthood in the 21st century. They are known as Generation Y that precedes Generation X that was earlier into the picture. It is being predicted that the Millennials would be civic minded with a great sense of community at both local and global level. This is the reason they know how the community works and what the market pays…
May 11, 2020

The Future of Recruitment without resumes

Since the beginning, resumes have been the most important part of recruitment. Having had an experience in recruitment, I have observed recruiters give an average of 10-20 seconds in reading the resume and decide if the candidate is capable enough for the role or not…
May 11, 2020

How one will look for
Job in 2018

2018 a year where the Indian currency is becoming weaker than ever before. A year where price of crude oil is like increasing every week. But still 2018 is going to be the get larger for those who are in search of job. Due to its Young generation India is getting this …
May 11, 2020
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