Career of Indian Learning

Education is the foremost requirement if an individual wants to build up a successful career in any field. It is a very well-known fact that education is not a matter of luxury anymore in-fact it has become a necessity of mankind.
Education not only helps in building a strong foundation of academic knowledge but also instils moral and ethical values in an individual. It provides a different perspective on life and has a correct and robust attitude towards everything.
Now, it is time for the readers to get insights into what it is like to build a career in India or be a part of the Indian Education system. The Indian education system has evolved phenomenally for the past few decades and made enormous progress in education.

Let me now introduce the readers to some of the key features of the Indian Education System:-

In India, students need to complete their primary education first, after which they will be eligible for secondary education, and appear for their Matriculation or board exams, which are conducted at all Indian levels.
After completing their secondary education, students need to choose the stream (Science, Commerce, Arts). And then appear for another all-India level exam, which is Higher Secondary or 12th boards. Having completed Higher Secondary education, students now decide on their career goal. Accordingly, specialize in the chosen field and pursue their graduation. Now I assume that readers must have a brief idea about what Indian education is all about. Now, it’s time to introduce the readers to some Career options available in India.


  • Government Sector:- The Government Sector offers a wide range of employment opportunities to lakhs of youths each year. Apart from other benefits and provisions, these jobs come with lots and lots of respect.
    Government organizations conduct several national and state-level entrance exams to provide some great job opportunities to young and sharp minds.
    Out of the several exams conducted, the UPSC or Civil Services Exam is one of the toughest and prestigious exams, which provides several reputed positions like IAS, IPS, IFS, and many more. Apart from this, other exams are those of Railways, SSC, Banks, Education, and many more.
  • Technical Sector:- This is a great career option for tech wizards or techies. This field includes several jobs and posts involving excellent technical knowledge. One can take up Engineering or B.Tech for graduation if they want to build their career in the Technical field.
    Software or development-related jobs are more common in this field. Some of the jobs included in this sector are App developer, Web developer, Software Engineer, Project Manager, Data Analyst, Technical Writer, Data Scientist, and many more.
  • Educational Sector:- Teaching is one of the most honourable professions that one can go to. It is not an easy job. One needs to be highly knowledgeable and experienced to be a good teacher.
    One can become a teacher both in the Public as well as Private sectors, but the basic qualifications needed to become a teacher is a Bachelor’s Degree in Education (B.Ed). For public sectors, some other national or state-level entrance tests might be conducted.
  • Entrepreneurship:- Entrepreneurship is the process of running a new business, which is a small-scale business initially. One can go for streams like BBA, MBA, Marketing courses, and some other business courses to gain ample knowledge in this field.
    They need to explore this field and need to do proper research before deciding anything. It’s known that being an entrepreneur is the ultimate dream of most corporate people as they get tired of a monotonous routine and want to explore and grow.
    This was all about the Indian Education System and some prominent career options in India. This article also shows that India has evolved to a great extent in education and employment.