Colleges That Have a Corporate Ready Curriculum

Colleges that have a corporate ready curriculum-Lexicon MILE

It isn't weird when we hear that a science graduate doing a job in the management industry or a management student into engineering. Now the recruiters need graduates who have specialisms outside of their comfort zones. It is wrong to assume that early age choices define lifelong career paths. There are a few jobs that would need certain educational requirements other than that, you can switch anytime you want. The recruiters want their employees to be better prepared. Due to the uncertainty of the final destination of your career choice, it is better to be prepared beforehand for the workplace environment. The National Centre for Universities and Business has claimed that 90% of the students require work experience, placement, or internships so that they can be a part of the university experience.

Nowadays the organizations require nimble graduates who can understand the workplace and utilize their skills to fit in better with the mindset of moving from across jobs and sectors. When it comes to the PGDM graduates the industry interaction and live projects are the norm of the day. It is really common when institutes collaborate with leaders in a different sector to create a course curriculum to prepare their graduates to be absorbed in the job given to them. But the question is why do we need such a curriculum? So, it is only because it will make the graduates corporate ready. Corporate ready is the one who has developed the right skills, can find and solve issues, and who can have a good team spirit to help the company grow. What is it exactly that students are looking for in the institutes?

  • They are looking for an institute that has curated a curriculum that is skill-oriented in all streams and spheres. There is a huge amount of young management graduates yet are unable to get employed due to lack of requisite skills which is demanded in industries.
  • The graduates require institutes that teach in a demonstrative methodology which will help them to apply the theoretical concepts of the course into practical life. This not only makes the curriculum more practical but also interesting.
  • The recruiters need graduates who are multiskilled and are all-rounders. We need institutes that provide extra aided certifications along with post-graduation to expand career opportunities.
  • Institutes that have to collaborate with industry so that they can come up with the necessary changes are brought to the curriculum.
  • Now we have an institute that provides part-time and distance education for students who are either working or doing additional courses. This allows the students to increase their base and learn more and new things. This will also help the students to gain extra accumulated credits which will get them better jobs.
  • Not only the corporate sector but the course has to be equally focused on entrepreneur skills. Usually, some students have unique ideas to start a new business venture, but they lack the skills and to accept the lead role. So, we need institutes that train graduates to equip students with entrepreneurship skills and know-how to generate funds for their business ideas.
  • Students these days are trying to broaden their job profiles and locations. They need institutes that have collaborations with international universities and institutes, which can give them a platform to be ready for industry abroad. Institutes like Lexicon MILES who are affiliated partners with the University of South Wales and the University of New Haven helps the students to learn from the robust curriculum which is designed to make the students industry-ready.
  • As mentioned earlier students need encouragement to take part-time jobs and gain experience while learning. This helps the students to have experienced even before starting with their real jobs.
  • Only having a corporate-ready curriculum is not enough, institutes need to have some real-time experience that they can provide to students like having summer internships or semester internship programs. This motivates the students to be clearer about their career paths and to decide what suits them the most.
  • And lastly, the infrastructure and technology will make the students learn a realistic picture of the workplace market beyond their books. This helps them to understand what they can expect when they enter any career.

All of the above mentioned will help you seek the right institute for you. We have listed some top colleges that have just the right curriculum to make you industry-ready.

  1. Indian Institute of Management.
  2. Lexicon Management Institute of Leadership and Excellence.
  3. Indian Institute of Foreign Trade.
  4. Xavier School of Management
  5. Faculty of Management Studies
  6. National Institute of Industrial Engineering
  7. Institute of Technology and Management
  8. National Institute of Technology
  9. International School of Business and Media
  10. Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies
  11. Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies
  12. Management Development Institute
  13. International Management Institute
  14. Great Lakes Institute of Management
  15. Loyola Institute of Business Administration

The young generation has enormous potential to learn fast and develop good skills until provided opportunities at the right time by highly qualified faculty and institutes. Recruiters do not need changes in higher education that would risk the specialist knowledge but need the institutes to pay more attention to research showing which skills are needed by different sectors and have quick responses.

It is highly recommended that more institutes should seek opinions from industry bodies, trade associations, consulting companies, and event corporate clientele, to come up with the best-suited curriculum. This will help them to incorporate the correct perspective and idea of the effectiveness of the whole industry. Institute needs to change smoothly from a contextual curriculum to the practical one by taking gradual steps which will create a one-size-fits-all-approach for the students. They must lay the plan on unique contexts and develop the right balance between what to integrate and what to diversify. Perhaps, the biggest imperative is in helping students to learn how to apply

Research well before you select your institute as it will define your career path and even if you decide to switch between careers, research well before about the job profiles. Other than this, the curriculums now are sufficient to make you ready to face all the obstacles and challenges when you set your foot in the corporate world. Have a great vision and work hard for them.