How Global MBA is Evolved Over Last 5 Years

How Global MBA Program Has Evolved in Last 5 Years

To trace the evolution of the Global MBA Program, around the world, one needs to clarify the concept of a Global MBA Program and mark its differences from any other common MBA Program. It is primarily a post-graduate degree in global business management. The structure of the curriculum creates the primary difference between a standard MBA program and a Global MBA Program.
A Global MBA Program offers a wider scope of learning and technical understanding for a student. Internationally approved and practiced business operations and strategies are an integral part of any Global MBA Program. The faculties of Global MBA programs are also from different global institutes that offer the best in their fields and come with years of professional experience. The teaching and training methodology is also unique and placement opportunities are far more diverse than any other MBA program.

Evolution of Global MBA Program

Global MBA programs initially commenced with an approach that was more UK and US-centric. Gradually there has been a paradigm shift in the last five years and the curriculum has transcended its western-centricity. B-schools and institutes from Australia, Canada, India, Japan have followed suit and entered the global competitive market. They have also been ranked highly in their business management curriculum.
Global MBA Programs are not just a perfect fit for freshers but also for young working professionals who can experiment with their classroom learning with hands-on experience in their jobs. The course timings have also been made flexible for working professionals. New start-ups and tech companies are almost moving at the speed of light and the competition among them is massive. Their approaches and operations are all becoming similar to global corporate houses and big names in the industry.
To handle such functions and operations they need upskilled workforce for which Global MBA Programs have gained grounds. Since diversity is one of the key driving factors of all corporate houses, the exposure to ‘diversity’ of a Global MBA Program aspirant is much higher than that of a traditional MBA course aspirant. It increases the chance of the aspirant to be recruited in the role of corporate leadership. These reasons have built and helped in the spread and evolution of Global MBA Programs, worldwide and


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