Quality Content Travels Faster Than Air

Quality Content Travels Faster Than Air-Lexicon MILE

With time, quality has overtaken quantity in terms of many aspects apart from writing examinations where still students just fill pages to get the marks. On a serious note, Quality Content has taken a rise these days and we can also see it as an application like in shorts just give us the gist of ongoing news and we are updated on what’s happening? In this fast life, no one has time to read long content, that is why now the content usually has more pictures and videos, also it is psychologically proven that “our visual system is well built and takes up things very easily”. We process a lot of data as we see a lot of visual things happening.
There are three ways we can work upon being fast then explaining things with quality content too, let us see these three aspects:
Firstly, the Infographics, which includes graphic designing, short videos which tend to explain things better and faster than usual. Infographics are very engaging and effective in the field of marketing. These can be SEO-friendly and thus tend to go viral. When you share content on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube you can easily see your content trending. For example, Kolaveri D song had gone trending on YouTube so fast. Video content is a very easy mode to attract traffic to your site or blogs. It is well researched that a video blog attracts three times as much as inbound traffic. Partnering with platforms like Instagram stars to create a video for better reach and increasing ranking in SEO.
Secondly, the Dashboard System, where the data is entered on the home page and is presented in form of some charts and pictures, which leads to better analysis. Like, monthly sales reports, weekly sales revenue, etc.
Thirdly, Mobile applications, which have made our life easier. Here, the data is confined and we get a lot of information, applications are easy to use, handy, and just require an internet connection. Let’s take an example of inshorts where we get information of all news happening around the world just by swiping up. It’s that easy and fast and also, very engaging and easy to understand.
Such aspects require Quality content to engage the audience. Content is very important in terms of how people understand it and absorb it.
Editing content to suit the audience’s interest is very important. Therefore, a content creator must master all – from being social media expert to a blogger and a journalist.
Having built the content, it is also necessary that it is read by several people. That means, there should be traffic on the content. This increases the content ranking in search engines giving an article better visibility.
Hiring a full-time content writer may be quite costly, instead, hiring a freelancer will not only be cost-effective but, a better outlook to a topic or situation from a great pool of talents, ready to share their thoughts and perspectives. This will help to build content, which people are looking for.


To know the reach and how trending the content is, Analytics comes into the picture, which results in knowing what kind of content is mostly viewed and liked by the audience. Posting content on similar grounds increases traffic, wherein, more and more readers are attracted to read the article. Generating sales with good quality content is another aspect of the increase in demand for good content writers. Data Analytics plays a major role in finding the interest of the audience and provide a similar product or service to target the intended audience. For instance, in the service industry, a per-year membership is trending these days and people don’t think much and buy those memberships because they seem to very cost-effective to their needs.


Quality content leads to brand awareness, boosts SEO, and drives more website traffic, and thereby, helps in connecting with the audience to benefit them and the organizations.