The Importance of Personality Development

The word personality is derived from the Latin word ‘persona’, which means a mask. Personality development is an ongoing process of development that occurs in every individual makes them different from one another. Personality development happens at every stage in life starting from infant to adolescence. These changes will be all related to your physical factors, social factors, emotional and so on. Personality in simple terms means how one presents himself/herself in front of others. Personality development does not happen in one day, it requires quite a time.

The Importance of Personality Development-Lexicon MILE Blogs

To quote a very famous theory, Erik Erikson a famous psychologist gave a famous theory of “Erik Erikson’s Stages of Psychosocial Development”. In this theory, he stated that personality development happens throughout the lifetime and there are 8 stages of the same. He also stated that as the stage passes by, they can have either a positive or a negative impact on the person’s lifestyle.

Let’s look at these stages.
The Importance of Personality Development-Lexicon MILE Blogs

STAGE 1: INFANCY- As we can see it all starts from birth itself. So at this stage, a child wants to develop trust and that happens only if we provide love and care to the child, he will be able to develop the feeling of trust, and if not then fear and this will lead to negative development. Striking a balance will lead to hope in the child

STAGE 2: EARLY CHILDHOOD – In this stage, Erikson believed it is totally important to become slightly independent and do small things on their own. This will lead to autonomy but, if failed then this will result in shame. If the kid can strike a balance, it will lead to the feeling of willingness in the child & he/she can act within limits.

STAGE 3: CHILDHOOD – Starting of the social interaction will be at this stage of life. Children go out and play, Children who are independent at this stage will be capable and able to lead others and those who fail are left with a sense of guilt, self-doubt, and lack of initiative.

STAGE 4: CHILDHOOD (SCHOOL) – Social development happens with people of the same age group and, hence Successful balance will lead to a sense of competence, while failure results in feelings of inferiority.

STAGE 5: ADOLESCENCE – At this stage, children will explore their independence & develop a sense of self. The ones who will receive proper encouragement will emerge from this stage, and they will have their own identity while, those who will not emerge from this stage, will be confused and a sense of insecurity will prevail.

STAGE 6: YOUNG ADULTHOOD – At this stage, love and partnership will come into our lives and enable us to build strong relationships. But, if we fail, it will lead to isolation and loneliness.

STAGE 7: ADULTHOOD – At this stage in life, people are at the position where they lead in both personal and professional life, and hence if the attitude is correct and handled gracefully will lead to a feeling of contributing and productivity. Whereas, failure to do so will lead to unproductive and uninvolved.

STAGE 8: MATURITY – At this stage, people gain maturity with what they have done in adulthood. They have a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction. On the other hand, incapability will lead to regrets and bitterness.

All these stages have evolved with time and are considerable as stated by the researchers.

Now, let us see why it is important to have a good personality.

  1. With a good personality comes improved confidence in the personal. As we see that the person becomes more independent he/ she will have the confidence to put their point and speak more fluently. It is very important both for your personal and professional life.
  2. When you have a good personality you will think positively, and this positivity may help you win any complex situation, a positive person will give you a better solution to any problem after analyzing everything.
  3. With a good personality, you will look physically more attractive and will be more active, this may also reduce stress and brings in light whenever you enter a room.
  4. A good personality will differentiate you from others and your personality will look more unique and will be having more values and ethics.
  5. In today’s world people makes you friend only after seeing your personality and hence it is so important to be presentable in front of others. A lazy person may not be able to look presentable and this may convey a wrong message about you.
  6. A person must know their personality traits, he/she must go through a personality test so that they know about themselves the best.
  7. A good personality professionally will lead to your promotions, help you lead a team and train them better, it will help your juniors to grow more and this will lead to overall development.
  8. At home, you will be more active, you can make good decisions financially, mentally if you have a good personality. You will be able to influence others in family and friends.

Now elaborating on why professionally it is so important to have a good personality and how it affects your organizational success. Now when different people combine at the workplace, they will have a unique characteristic. But what will happen when they collaborate, these people will brainstorm and will come with a better solution to any problem. Everyone will participate and will feel more valuable and everyone will learn a lesson from each other. Now for a business leader and manager it is very important to have good skills as he will be the one teaching his team, motivating them to work together and he is the one who knows which person in the team would be capable of doing what, also he is the one who will criticize and make you work better so that they achieve the organizational success. Business managers are themselves the ones who have worked at a ground reality and knows the gist of everything, no better person other than them can teach how to be better at your work. In the end, the conclusion is you may have a problem in your professional or personal life but a good and polished skill will make come out of it with a solution and will help you grow in both ways.