Harder you Train, Luckier you get

We all grow up listening to wonderful stories teaching us the morals or the values of hard work, persistence, and punctuality. There are many stories like the story of a rabbit and a tortoise which teaches us that, talent can also take a backseat in the absence of hard work and the right attitude.

But growing up, we tend to forget the lessons ingrained so deep, and our thoughts and actions start getting shaped by our surroundings or society. Gradually or unknowingly, we shift our focus to getting good grades in schools and winning in every game that we play. We measure our success with trophies or awards. After finishing school, getting into a good college or institute becomes our priority and we want to get that anyhow. As soon as we enter college, we realize that getting a job or placement is extremely important, in order to be respectable in society, so the focus now changes to get the same. W also start justifying the statement “By hook or by crook” making the achievement of goal as last resort. In order to get success, we stop differentiating between ethical and unethical practices and assume that “end justifies the means”.

We get so busy behaving like a rabbit who just wants carrot that we fail to realize that the goals and human wants are unlimited, as soon as you finish one, another crops up. Corporate life in itself is full of new challenges every day, and it gets very difficult to maintain sanity in those demanding situations.

Although there is no harm in setting a goal and achieving the same,if the focus is entirely on winning or success, we lose the focus, or attention towards the process. Because if we play any game or appear for any exam just thinking that anyhow I have to succeed it. Anxiety, tension, and turbulence creep in the mind and we either lose the game or don’t feel happy even after the achievement.

It often gets late when we realize that placement or grades is not the ultimate objective but learning was the ultimate and perennial objective. While it is easy to secure a job, sustaining in the job or getting the promotion demands hard work, which we entirely missed during our years of learning. In this technology-driven world, where everything gets exposed within a second, the lack of preparation or resorting to unethical ways also gets the same beating.

So, to all the budding managers I know there is a very tough competitive world out there, but if your focus is always to improve upon yourselves with hard work and dedication towards the task. Every opportunity that life will throw at you becomes a learning experience, which will polish you like a diamond.

Educational institutes providing business education are shouldering great responsibility to develop the individual who will drive the business which in turn will drive the society towards progress. It becomes very important to equip the students with the right competencies and skills suited as per the prevailing economic conditions.

This is the reason The entire structure of the PGDM course at Lexicon Management Institute of Leadership and Excellenceis planned in a manner, where the emphasis is on the process towards making a well-groomed manager. Our young talented generation is sharp-minded and understands the importance of hard work and a methodical process to achieve their career goals.

I would like to share a quote citing the same -

Good, better best

Never let it rests

Till your good is better

Better is best.