Stress Management

Stress! The word with six letters brings many emotions. The pronunciation of the stress itself creates the stress. So, what is this stress? Is this stress so hard that generates uncountable issues? Generally, when we as an individual go through constraints & demands, it causes stress. Demand frustrates an individual to reach the desire desperately, whereas constraint prevents an individual from doing so or to reach to desire. We psychologically believe that non-fulfillment of demand means loss of something & the loss of most precious & sought need. The fact of life on the other hand as most of the causes of stress are unavoidable in life. Knowing what causes & how they work can reduce the pressure of those causes & the burden of stress. Why is stress to be considered as a burden only, the other side of the Stress can be considered as a normal fact of life which is experienced by all of us. Stress can not always be a dangerous & dreadful symptom. It can be positive as well. It can be a motivator for human life if we start to look at other angles of stress in life.

As a rich culture of India, we have different techniques in place by our ancestors. Meditation, yoga, Pranayama, Deep Breathing, Muscle Relaxation, etc... and many more which work as strong antidotes not only for stress but many other different diseases. This ancestral fight mechanism leads us to positive coping techniques for stress management. Stress is an unavoidable part of life. We must change the way we view it.

As we believe that perception matters a lot in our life. When I am stressed, my breathing gets fast, which may turn into anxiety, & anxiety leads to mental & physical problems. So if I change my thought process as - at the current moment fast breathing means more oxygen to brain means more deep, sound & clear thinking so slowly with this clear thought process, I should move onto deep breathing which is essential for me at this moment to channelize the thoughts. My perception with these alternative views in different situations will make me concentrate more on the positive side of stress management.

When stress brings more anxiety, it causes more severe health issues. What anxiety is? An anxiety is a person’s more imaginary futuristic thoughts. Your futuristic imaginary thoughts are like a bridge upon where there is no river. Anxiety brings fear to an individual. It is a mental cognitive state that affects the biorhythm of an individual and cause for mental & physical ill. Stress is a short-term process but when we turn it into anxiety, it gets long term & results in palpitation, sweating, loss of appetite, sleep disorder, & many more. If we process our algorithm of our cognition as whenever we go through constraints & demands, we must take deep breaths & ask our thoughts/ cognition to disregard the anxiety. As an individual, we need to channelize the algorithm of our cognition process to respond to the situation rather than to react. It's not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it.