The success of any B-School, lies in its industry connect. Higher education institutions need to form closer bonds with industries and businesses to succeed in the corporate training market by ensuring that the management program on offer, lines up with what is needed by potential companies. Corporate Interface has taken a new direction and when it comes to the demand of professionals in the market. The one with the industry knowledge is at an edge as compared to others. As the world changes, we need to continue to educate our students, especially as it relates to technology. Lexicon MILE works in close consultation with business before mounting specific certification, workshops and seminars for specific industry disciplines.

At Lexicon MILE, we offer sessions more closely tailored to the real world. Lexicon MILE partners with companies, who often include our regular recruiters too, to offer the curriculum that, will make the students more valuable to companies. The focus of a Lexicon MILE is entirely to create industry ready employable candidates. In times of cut-throat competition where everyone strives hard for a successful career, industry interface is of prime importance to make our students become more efficient, employable and productive corporate citizens. Training sessions on core areas of Management skills and competencies are a regular feature where industry stalwarts come and share their valuable inputs and experience with Lexicon MILE students.

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