Dr. Jitender Kumar Sharma

Dean Academics

The Word evokes compliance, boredom and routine in our minds. It is also understood as falling in line and towing an order. Do you think Sachin Tendulkar just towed an order of his coach to achieve glory? Did Arjun only follow orders of Dronacharya to master archery? Is it only about compliance of orders of their Gurus? How did Mr. Manjhi who single-handedly made a road through the mountain, achieve it?

The Word also lets you follow a rigorous routine, relentlessly. It leads you to lead a life bound by time and tasks. The word also induces perseverance to achieve against the odds.

Have you ever thought of people hailing from industrially and economically backward areas making a mark in Civil Services examinations? They really make a mark in good numbers. Most of these successful candidates in Civil Services are from rural areas, some of them deprived of basic necessities of life. Have you ever thought how they achieve such lofty life goals especially when they are deprived of finer aspects of living?

We all know the story of the Rabbit and the Tortoise. What differentiates them? Why you think the Tortoise won the race?

So Tendulkar, Arjun and the Tortoise had many things in common like focusing on one thing at a time, relentlessly following their objectives without distractions and odds and taking small but continuous steps towards success. It may be time taking, frustrating & agonizing but will lead to success if pursued continuously. As they say ‘It takes 20 years to become overnight success.’

This ‘20 years to overnight success’ is possible by Discipline- the Word! Put yourSelf before it and you make it even more possible.

Welcome to Lexicon Management Institute where Discipline is a way to learn & live!
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