Prof. Raju Varghese

M.Sc | MBA | pursuing Ph.D.

“Time is all you have. And you may find one day that you have less than you think.”

Randy Pausch: The Last Lecture

Education, wealth, resources, experiences etc. can all be acquired or exchanged for. That is however not true in case of time. Time is that moment and just after that moment, it becomes the past. Hence, time is always to be respected, because one may not know at any time as to how much of it is left.

The youth have a habit to consider time to be immense and never-ending. It is unfortunately not so. It is finite and hence has to be treated preciously.

The time that one spends in doing so many activities gives immense learning. Hence, learn to appreciate time in small moments, savoring it and not just devouring it. Respect Time.

Focus on learning. The form and format of learning may have separate dimensions, appreciate it. It could be a class or a book or simply an event or something that one’s friend just said or did or even a Whatsapp message, a movie or a song. Be open to learning. Do not resist it. In fact, realize that the total quantum of unknown knowledge always outweighs the quantum of known knowledge. So what will be the gateway between the unknown to the known? The answer is knowledge or distilled wisdom also known as learning.

The beauty of knowledge is that like time it also changes. What is recently acquired, suddenly becomes obsolete and what was unknown suddenly becomes known.

What should a student have as two important skill sets-?

1) Have humility and respect time

2) Appreciate learning from any quarters.

Hence, the mantra to be followed should be Learn-Unlearn- Relearn.

It is a pleasure to welcome the 2018-20 batch to Lexicon MILE. The academic and co-curricular offerings that we have will make you realize the importance of time and appreciate the diversity of learning. Please remember that a class is not a place for entertainment, but a place of learning. Do not confuse learning with entertainment.

We have a wide array of active pedagogies from certifications like NLP, Systems Thinking, Innovations & Design Thinking, Six Sigma, Goal Setting, Entrepreneurship etc. with dual foreign language options in German & French along with the core subjects. This creates impactful learning.

Welcome to Lexicon MILE …an institution where you learn to learn.
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