Dr. Neeraj Sharma

M.Com, MBA, Ph.D

An alumnus of IME and a certified trainer from the University of Thames, Dr. Sharma is a global transformational leader who has been awarded by the Governor of Maharashtra for taking education to homes. He has over 10 years of experience in the field of education (Cambridge University Board) and is a consultant to various corporations. He is a key resource person for YASHADA (Training Academy for IAS officers in Maharashtra cadre).

Lexicon MILE (Management Institute for Leadership and Excellence) has achieved a great feat within a short span of time. Embarking on the path of successfully running a business school, then situated on the outskirts of Pune, has not been a cake walk. But, we have been strong in our resolution to provide an ever evolving and expanding high quality education inculcating each domain of knowledge and catering only the best to the inquisitive and intellectual minds of India.

The U.S.P. of Lexicon MILE lies in its contemporary pedagogy which is coalition with positive outlook, enviable global standards and great emphasis on moral values; makes us league apart from our contemporaries. Not only this, we take great pride in imparting traditional and social responsibilities, which are invoked in our scholars via frequent and timely celebration of all the festivals in accordance with the spirit of national secularism. We are highly conscious of the great challenges which lie ahead on this path of nation building which requires great dedication and humble service from the entire Lexicon MILE family. Still, there is a lot which is left to be done.

There is a gap in the need of industry for skilled, efficient, adaptable and honest human resource as only 70% of the students studying in these business schools are employable. To bridge this gap the most talented team at Lexicon MILE with the help of extremely enlightened people from the industry have created the syllabus and the processes which are in sync with today’s industry needs. To explore, innovate and execute is a habit for Lexiconites.

Last but not the least: Miles To Go Before I Sleep; Miles To Go Before I Sleep…

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