The transition from school/college to university life for any student is one of the most challenging events in his/her life and can often lead to the genesis of a new chapter in one’s post-graduate life.

Life at Lexicon MILE since its inception is well known for its Induction time which has been ‘transition’ personified. Lexicon MILE Induction training program follows a structured pattern of interactions worked out in three parts, namely;

  • Part-1: Induction to the information of the Institute and Students Grooming,
  • Part-2: Corporate Interactions and Sectoral Knowledge and
  • Part-3: Individual student focus development programme supporting the ‘One Student a Time’ philosophy of the Institute.

This 20-day module has weekends (Sundays) dedicated to the Top Management Corporate Interaction wherein, a host of industry stalwarts in the positions of CEOs/ MDs/Directors / come to Lexicon MILE from different sectors, address and train the students.

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