The Founder and the Patriarch of the Lexicon Group, Mr. S.D Sharma armed with his outstanding and varied corporate experience, is the pioneering pillar of devoted business excellence, hark work, unstinting commitment, uncompromising values, simplicity and quality delivery of educational services to the Lexicon Group of Institutes.

A fabulous corporate trainer well sought after speaker and an ardent believer in education being a continuous life long process, Mr. Pankaj Sharma is an open, broad minded gentleman who believes that education at Lexicon will instil the humility to be grounded even when success takes one, to great heights.

A successful corporate trainer and a self made entrepreneur, Dr. Neeraj Sharma is of the mantra of success in life lives on three words, ‘Believe in Yourself’. A go- getter energetic leader, he feels that a genuine smile with a glitter in the eyes of the student is the only true returns, of an honest investment in education.

The driving force and the robust support of the SKSET Trust, she ensures the timely output and quality driven initiatives of the Trust to its fullest capacity. Through her consistent passion to contribute to the well being and growth of the Lexicon Group, she is a strong pillar of courage and determination for the Trust.

Dr. Monisha Sharma, the charming, unassuming, and soft spoken visionary has a penchant to attain new milestones in education. A B.Tech, MBA, Ph.D and an approved Professor from the University of Pune, her innate love and affection for the student community has resulted in new academic adventures through latest technological innovations in less than a decade.

The most enterprising and enthusiastic Trustee Member of the Lexicon Group, Mrs. Deepti Sharma is a strong believer in the fact that no organization can grow without the four pillars of Trust, Interest, Capability and Values. At Lexicon KIDS, she creates future citizens through innovative teaching and learning methods aimed at enhancing multiple Intelligence.

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