At Lexicon MILE, we believe that ensuring success while pursuing higher education in a management, one needs to stay organized in one’s schedule.

Lexicon MILE follows a very rigorous and structured schedule through its two year PGDM program. The dates of both academic and non academic sessions are well planned in advance in consultation with various important bodies of the Institute like the Board of Governors, Academic Council, Student Council and the internal departments of Academics, Admissions and Placements in order to facilitate an enriching and flawless experience of events, in the Institute.

This enables our student leaders to plan for study time in advance, track due dates of all events and programs and successfully prepare towards it accordingly, keep family involved, avoiding last minute anxiety and stress and put up a professional front for all the events and programs.


Sr.No Date Day Perticulars
1 18th-Jun-2018 Monday

PGDM 18-20 Reporting to Campus & Hostel Allocation

2 19th-Jun-2018 Tuesday

PGDM 18-20 Documentation & Uniform Measurements

3 20th-Jun-2018 Wednesday

PGDM 18-20 Commencement of Induction 18-19

4 20th-Jun-2018 Wednesday

PGDM 18-20 Induction – Phase I

5 24th-Jun-2018 Sunday

PGDM 18-20 Orientation Day – Part I

6 25th-Jun-2018 - 30th-Jun-2018 Monday

PGDM 18-20 Induction – Phase II

7 1st-Jul-2018 Sunday

PGDM 18-20 Orientation Day – Part II

8 7th-Feb-2018 - 7th-Jul-2018 Wednesday

PGDM 18-20 Induction – Phase III

9 8th-Jul-2018 Sunday

PGDM 18-20 Orientation Day – Part III

10 9th-Jul-2018 Monday

Tri I Commencement of Classes

11 17th-Sep-2018 - 29th-Sep-2018 Monday

Winter Internship Project - PGDM 18-20

12 13th-Oct-2018 Saturday

National Marketing Symposium

13 15th-Oct-2018 Monday

Submission of WIP Reports – PGDM 18-20

14 20th-Oct-2018 Saturday

Tri IV Internship Viva – PGDM 17-19

15 22nd-Oct-2018 - 2nd-Nov-2018 Monday

Tri I Final Examinations – PGDM 18-20

16 4th-Nov-2018 - 14th-Nov-2018 Sunday

Deepawali Holidays – PGDM 18-20

17 15th-Nov-2018 Thursday

Tri II Commencement of Classes

18 8th-Dec-2018 Saturday

MILE Internship Research Conclave (MIRC)

19 15th-Dec-2018 Saturday

MILE 1618 Convocation & MILE Alumni Meet

20 21st-Dec-2018 - 9th-Jan-2019 Friday

Registrations/Sponsorships – MILE Annual Events

21 10th-Jan-2019 Thursday

Annual Event - MILE Book Fiesta

22 11th-Jan-2019 - 13th-Jan-2019 Friday

Annual Event – MILE Purple Fever

23 19th-Jan-2019 Saturday

Tri V Internship Viva – PGDM 17-19

24 21st-Jan-2019 - 2nd-Feb-2019 Monday

Tri II Final Examinations – PGGM 18-20

25 4th-Feb-2019 Monday

Tri III Commencement of Classes

26 6th-Apr-2019 Saturday

Tri VI Dissertation Viva – PGDM 17-19

27 10th-Apr-2019 - 27th-Apr-2019 Wednesday

Tri III Final Examinations – PGDM 18-20

28 27th-Apr-2019 Saturday

Farewell Program – PGDM 17-19

29 27th-Apr-2019 - 30th-Apr-2019 Saturday

MILE Hostel Vacate Period

30 17th-Dec-2018 Monday

Commencement of Tri IV Internships - PGDM 18-20


  • The dates are final and shall not change.
  • MILE Management reserves the right to alter/change/modify the dates under unavoidable circumstances.
  • All the festivals and cultural programs will be held as per actual days.
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