Lexicon MILE is a student driven institute. The Student Council represents the Management to drive all the student related academic and non-academic activities and events of the Institute. In consultation with the Management, this body is solely responsible to act as a bridge between meeting the expectations of the Management and making the MILE life of each student meaningful and enriching. It plays a very crucial role in being the torch bearers and leaders to reach the vision and mission of the Institute, implement with discipline the legacy of MILE culture, inculcate and practice MILE values and lead by being role models of the policies and practices of MILE.

The Student Council is formed and executed with the following aims:-
  1. To be the apex body of students in the Institute responsible for all student related activities.

  2. To be one of the mediums to contribute towards meeting the vision and mission of the Institute in terms of imparting holistic education to budding business leaders and managers of MILE

  3. To be a strategic partner with the MILE Management, in implementing all academic and non- academic events, activities and programs of the Institute related to the students.

  4. To provide a platform to the students to hone and develop their leadership skills, imbibe team thinking acumen and learn the ability to handle responsibilities of higher levels.

The Committee Heads of different Committees and the various Role Representatives form the body of MILE Student Council for that academic year.

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