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Lexicon management Institute of Leadership and Excellence has announced the schedule for Mega International Conference on the contemporary theme “Glocal Evaluation – Post Covid Times” to be held at an International venue on 20th and 21st March 2021.

The pandemic COVID 19 has paralyzed economic activity across the globe. Many countries that are dependent on other economies for supply of raw materials have been shaken owing to the disruptive events during the pandemic. The COVID 19 pandemic has imposed a severe stress test for many countries in terms of its resilience, robustness and fragility to continue its present commerce and trade operations. Therefore many countries including India have placed greater emphasis on promoting and developing world class “LOCAL” products to mitigate the impact and take the preparedness to a higher level. The concept of “Atmanirbhar” is one such instance of innovative and powerful India is in offing.

Sensing the immense importance of the emergence of a new world order post Covid 19, the Pune based Lexicon Management Institute of Leadership and Excellence has taken the lead once again among the management institutes and announced to hold an International Conference on highly contemporary theme “Glocal Evaluation- Post Covid Times” along with its global partners in education from U. K. and U. S. A.

The conference provides a phenomenal platform to business leaders, practitioners, academicians, research scholars and management students to share their thoughts on myriad areas relevant to the theme of the conference. We welcome contributions in the form of empirical research papers under the various sub themes.

The conference propose to invite the research papers on sub themes like Impact of Covid 19 on various sectors, plausible political, economic and social sphere of the globe, expected change in human values, growth of E commerce, impact on education sector, rise of artificial intelligence, digital revolution, urban e health and wellbeing and many more .

Owing to its wide ranging sub themes, it presents the immense opportunity to thought leaders from all spheres of life to share their views and contribute towards creating the new world order. The institute has planned the conference to provide platform to scholars from numerous fields to come together and share their ideas to a heterogeneous congregations, perhaps first of its kind. Keeping in view the massive response expected; the conference has been scheduled for two days with provision of extension if necessary.

Lexicon Management Institute of Leadership and Excellence welcomes all stakeholders in the society to participate in the conference wholeheartedly and make it a grand success.