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Managing Trustee

Mr. S.D. Sharma

Chairman, Lexicon Group of Institutes.

The Founder and the Patriarch of the Lexicon Group, Mr. S.D Sharma armed with his outstanding and varied corporate experience, is the pioneering pillar of devoted business excellence, hark work, unstinting commitment, uncompromising values, simplicity and quality delivery of educational services to the Lexicon Group of Institutes.

Mr. Pankaj Sharma

Managing Trustee and President, Lexicon Group of Institutes.

A fabulous corporate trainer well sought after speaker and an ardent believer in education being a continuous life long process, Mr. Pankaj Sharma is an open, broad minded gentleman who believes that education at Lexicon will instil the humility to be grounded even when success takes one, to great heights.

Mr. Neeraj Sharma

Vice-Chairman, Lexicon Group of Institutes. Executive Director, Lexicon Management Institute of Leadership and Excellence.

A successful corporate trainer and a self-made entrepreneur, Mr. Neeraj Sharma is of the mantra of success in life lives on three words, ‘Believe in Yourself’. A go-getter energetic leader, he feels that a genuine smile with glitter in the eyes of the student is the only true return, of an honest investment in education.

Mrs. Kamal Sharma

Late Mrs. Kamal Sharma

Trustee – Lexicon Group of Institutes.

The driving force and the robust support of the SKSET Trust, she ensures the timely output and quality driven initiatives of the Trust to its fullest capacity. Through her consistent passion to contribute to the well being and growth of the Lexicon Group, she is a strong pillar of courage and determination for the Trust.

Mrs. Monisha Sharma

Mrs. Monisha Sharma

Trustee – Lexicon Group of Institutions Director – The Lexicon Schools.

Mrs. Monisha Sharma, the charming, unassuming, and soft-spoken visionary has a penchant to attain new milestones in education. A B.Tech, MBA, PhD and an approved Professor from the University of Pune, her innate love and affection for the student community has resulted in new academic adventures through the latest technological innovations in less than a decade.

Mrs. Deepti Deepti-Sharma

Mrs. Deepti Sharma

Trustee – Lexicon Group of Institutes Director- Lexicon KIDS

The most enterprising and enthusiastic Trustee Member of the Lexicon Group, Mrs. Deepti Sharma is a strong believer in the fact that no organization can grow without the four pillars of Trust, Interest, Capability and Values. At Lexicon KIDS, she creates future citizens through innovative teaching and learning methods aimed at enhancing multiple Intelligence.

From the Chairman's Desk :-

Mr. S. D. Sharma

Chairman, Lexicon Group of Institutes

The Lexicon Group was conceived in 2006, with the mission of providing value-based education with the highest standards of excellence. Over the years we have not only been successful in making this dream come true but also with the group completing 15 years since its inception, we have been able to exponentially grow and expand in our operations to different parts of Pune. With over 15+ Educational Institutes under the Lexicon umbrella which currently includes 1 Post Graduate College, 3 High Schools, and 15+ PreSchools, our manpower and our family has been growing to a magnanimous size of 10,000+ students today, coming from across Pune and India.

We have seen phenomenal growth at Lexicon Management Institute of Leadership & Excellence in the last year, having won prestigious awards at the National and International levels, backed with International tie-ups and more than a dozen additional certifications with the Post Graduation program. We at Lexicon Management Institute of Leadership & Excellence have a systematic & process-driven system ensuring the best fit industry placements.

From the President's Desk

Mr. Pankaj Sharma

President, Lexicon Group of Institutes

Lexicon Management Institute of Leadership & Excellence is an experience in itself; it is all about the arduous journey which every student coming here must embark. At Lexicon Management Institute of Leadership & Excellence, the academic curriculum is framed in a way that promotes the concept of ‘Experiential Learning’, that is learning by doing. Real-life situations make the students understand and practically implement what is being taught.

Lexicon Management Institute of Leadership & Excellence is an entirely student-driven Institute. This is the reason why each and every student who is a part of Lexicon Management Institute of Leadership & Excellence, is designated as a ‘Student Manager’. Discipline coupled with a high-quality education at Lexicon Management Institute of Leadership & Excellence prepares the students for their corporate lives. The main focus of the Institute lies in creating and nurturing responsible business leaders who would hold the reins of the corporate in the near future.

Lexicon Management Institute of Leadership & Excellence inculcates in the students a sense of belonging and ownership for the Institute, thus enabling the Student Managers to offer their fruitful contribution to the dynamism of the corporate. With the focus on the holistic development of our students, Lexicon Management Institute of Leadership & Excellence prepares them for the comprehensive business environment and equips them with the ability to take over all kinds of challenges that they may face.

A great pool of eminent dignitaries from the corporate who teach the Student Managers makes this process of overall student development a success. The Institute is all set upon skill-building, strategy development, and acquiring the much-needed attitude.

From the Executive Director's Desk

Mr. Neeraj Sharma

Vice Chairman, Lexicon Group of Institutes Executive Director, Lexicon Management Institute of Leadership & Excellence

The Lexicon Management Institute of Leadership & Excellence carries a legacy as old as 2006 when the first Lexicon International School was established in Wagholi. Lexicon Management Institute of Leadership & Excellence was formed in the year 2009 and we have successfully completed a decade of excellence in higher management education.

Lexicon Management Institute of Leadership & Excellence has achieved a great feat within a short span of time. Embarking on the path of successfully running a business school situated in Pune has not been a cakewalk but we have been strong in our resolution to provide an ever evolving and expanding high-quality education inculcating each domain of knowledge and catering only the best to the inquisitive and intellectual minds of India. The USP of Lexicon Management Institute of Leadership & Excellence lies in its contemporary pedagogy which in coalition with a positive outlook, enviable global standards, and great emphasis on moral values; makes us a league apart from our contemporaries.

Not only this, we take great pride in imparting traditional and social responsibilities, which are invoked in our scholars via the frequent and timely celebration of all the festivals in accordance with the spirit of national secularism. We are highly conscious of the great challenges which lie ahead on this path of nation-building which requires great dedication and humble service from the entire Lexicon Management Institute of Leadership & Excellence family. Still, there is a lot that is left to be done.

There is a gap in the need of the industry for skilled, efficient, adaptable, and honest human resources as only 70% of the students studying in these business schools are employable. To bridge this gap the most talented team at Lexicon Management Institute of Leadership & Excellence with the help of extremely enlightened people from academia has created the syllabus and the processes which are in sync with today’s industry needs. To explore, innovate and execute is a habit of Lexiconites. Last but not least are these famous lines from Robert Frost, “But I have promises to keep & miles to go before I sleep.”

From the Chief Executive Officer's Desk

Mr. Nasir Shaikh

Chief Executive Officer - Lexicon MILE

“Success is not how high you have climbed, but how you make a positive difference to the world.” With close to 2 decades in leadership roles in the Hospitality Industry with Marriott International amongst other brands, Nasir has always ensured that he puts people first, and leads the team to pursue excellence with Integrity to drive outstanding results for all stakeholders. In his last role, Nasir was the General Manager for The Westin Pune, Koregaon Park, and the Chairman of the Marriott India Business Council. The purpose of the Business Councils was to perpetuate culture, strengthen communities, advocate for Marriott’s business interests and lead cross-brand, market-driven initiatives, wherein the Marriott India Business Council won the award for ‘Best Business Council in the World 2019’.

He has always lead with a passion for the success of his team and organization while focusing on driving more. His penchant for innovation and leadership skills has helped the brands he has worked at, to weave several success stories of growth, cementing his position as a name to reckon with. His empowering direction led his hotels and him to win numerous awards over the years.
The Lexicon Management Institute for Leadership and Excellence has been actively engaged in creating and nurturing leaders who believe in themselves and empowering them to turn Adversity to Advantage and show true leadership skills in guiding their organizations to success. With Lexicon Management Institute of Leadership and Excellence alumni spreading their wings and showcasing their leadership across the globe it helps us to reflect and be proud of our value-based education as a foundation for ‘learning never stops’ philosophy. Our endeavour has been to encourage and celebrate the dreamers who make their own mark, guiding them in their journey.

Since its inception in 2009, we, at Lexicon Management Institute of Leadership and Excellence, have believed that it is critical that our scholars take pride in learning and developing in an inclusive environment that promotes and creates awareness of self-discipline and respect, an environment where we respect our cultural inheritance and respect each individual’s beliefs and value systems. Our longstanding relationships and partnerships, allow us to leverage Industry experts and Senior Leaders to share their knowledge and mentor our students in their journey to be… This also sets the students up for excellent Over the years we have given our students opportunities to hone their skills through the execution of events that allow them to get a feel of the real working world and interact and engage with leaders to get their perspectives. From engaging them in conversations of ‘Excellence in Execution’ to giving opportunities to develop their business and social networking skills, our faculty is happy to handhold each individual on their respective paths to success. Our Faculty and Leadership is focused on investing in our students for their 360° development focussing on behavioral, attitudinal, skill, knowledge, and emotional quotient with a philosophy that “Education is the most powerful tool which you can use to change the world.”

From the Director’s Desk

Dr. Jitender Kumar Sharma

Dr. Jitender Kumar Sharma


The Word evokes compliance, boredom, and routine in our minds. It is also understood as falling in line and towing an order. Do you think Sachin Tendulkar just towed an order of his coach to achieve glory? Did Arjun only follow the orders of Dronacharya to master archery? Is it only about the compliance of orders of their Gurus? How did Mr. Manjhi who single-handedly made a road through the mountain, achieve it?

The Word also lets you follow a rigorous routine, relentlessly. It leads you to lead a life bound by time and tasks. The word also induces perseverance to achieve against the odds. Have you ever thought of people hailing from industrially and economically backward areas making a mark in Civil Services examinations? They really make a mark in good numbers. Most of these successful candidates in Civil Services are from rural areas, some of them deprived of basic necessities of life.

Have you ever thought about how they achieve such lofty life goals especially when they are deprived of finer aspects of living? We all know the story of the Rabbit and the Tortoise. What differentiates them? Why do you think the Tortoise won the race?
So Tendulkar, Arjun, and the Tortoise had many things in common like focusing on one thing at a time, relentlessly following their objectives without distractions and odds, and taking small but continuous steps towards success. It may be time taking, frustrating & agonizing but will lead to success if pursued continuously. As they say ‘It takes 20 years to become an overnight success.’ This ‘20 years to overnight success’ is possible by Discipline- the Word! Put yourself before it and you make it even more possible.
Welcome to Lexicon Management Institute where Discipline is a way to learn & live!

From the Academic Director's Desk



Director Academics, Lexicon Management Institute of Leadership and Excellence

“In a time for a drastic change, it is the learners who inherit the future. The learned usually find themselves equipped to live in a world that no longer exists.”
Eric Hoffer
The world is for learners. It is dedicated to their inherent curiosity, passion, dedication, and attitude. The words learned and learners are markedly different. The former is full of ego and the latter thirsts for more knowledge. The processes of learning, unlearning, and relearning are ongoing. This defines the dimensions of knowledge. Our core identity as an institution is in our definition as a “learning institution”.

It is with great pleasure that we invite you for a learning journey at Lexicon Management Institute of Leadership and Excellence for the various national and international programs. In this journey, we solicit your cooperation in submitting yourself to all the The world is going through an acute pandemic crisis. It has changed our perspectives and defined a ‘new normal’.

It has also united the world in its fight against the pandemic. The cure is only some time away. The world on the other side of the pandemic will require many new skill sets and technology upgrades. This will also be a world full of opportunities for students. It will require new skills, quality online certifications, adaptability, and an enhanced quest for knowledge through a strong and positive attitude.
We at Lexicon Management Institute would like to partner with you on this journey that defines and builds your character. As the famous quote goes, “Watch your character, it determines your destiny.”
Welcome aboard for a destiny-defining journey.institute processes that have been defined by an intellectual Academic Council with the basic focus on making your solution-centric to industry requirements. We intend to stimulate in you an acute learning thirst that will stand you in good stead throughout your corporate lives. Nothing remains static at the institute. Everything and everyone goes through an intense and dynamic change process. This helps us keep our academic offerings, our students, faculties, staff, and all our partners ‘relevant’ to changing business and world scenarios.